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Education: Programs for Children at Your School

Showcase of 18th Century Skills


In Colonial America, the hand skills practiced were often necessary for existence and also offered a means for creative expression. We bring to your school a sampling of these skills. Our craftspeople, dressed in colonial attire, help the children to gain insight into the lives and labors of preceding 'generations with their demonstrations and accompanying talks. There is always time for questions.

We offer two types of programs: a demonstration only or extended, which includes both a demonstration and time for the children to make a project.

Demonstration Only:

These crafts are available for demonstrations only: butter and cheese making, theorem (stenciling), pierced tin, quilling, rubbings, cornhusk craft, and silhouettes. The following lectures are also available for the demonstration only program:

Lenape Indian Lore:

This program presents the earliest inhabitants of New Jersey - the Lenape Indians. Various aspects of everyday life, such as beliefs, families, home, food, clothing, medicine, and games will presented. Viewing-a vast array of artifacts, students will learn who these people were, what they believed, and how they lived in early New Jersey.

Sabra Miller Presents Colonial Living:

Sabra and Samuel Miller build the Miller-Cory House around the time of their marriage in 1740. They had 8 children. Sabra comes alive at your school, bringing with her items typically used in her daily life. As she shows these to the children and explains their uses, she describes life on an 18thcentury farm and the work required by all of the family members, including the children, in order to acquire the basic necessities and maintain the simplest of homes.

Please see the sheet titled "Showcase of 18thCentury Skills" for additional details on the crafts as well as fees, maximum number of students, and how the programs are presented at the school.

All Showcase programs may be arranged by calling the museum office at 908-232-1776 weekday mornings from 9:00to 12:00.

Please address mail to:

The Miller-Cory HouseMuseum, P.O. Box 455, Westfield, N.J.07091-0455